Ganni has partnered up with Infinited Fiber, a circular fashion technology group.

Infinited Fiber makes garments using Infinna, a regenerated textile fibre. Ganni intends to use the group’s textile waste recycling technology in its future products, a testament to its commitment towards sustainability.

Ganni is well-known for its forward-looking approach to sustainability. We share the same environmental values and are delighted to work with them to add their regenerated Infinna fibre to their portfolio.

Ganni currently uses 70% certified organic and recycled material in its collections. However, Ganni has already committed to using 100 percent responsible materials in future.

Ganni Repeat also offers rentals.

Infinited Fiber’s Infinna fabric comes from locally sourced textile waste in Finland. This cotton-rich textile waste would otherwise have been disposed of or burned. Infinited Fiber breaks down the textiles and turns them into new fibers.

Because it is made from cellulose, the fabric does not contain microplastics. It can also be recycled multiple times to keep biomass in circulation.

Ganni founder Nicolaj Reffstrup stated, “At Ganni, we seriously believe textiles are the future of plastics so we must go completely circular to survive long term.” “Infinna is a great addition to our collections. It takes us one step closer towards creating more responsible collections. We need to find more innovative and transformative solutions that increase textile waste’s value, not the other way around.”

Infinna fabrics are set to be launched in 2022.

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