Stefan Olander, a former Nike executive, is looking to introduce a new era in sportswear. Omorpho is a premium sports and fitness start up that offers products that strategically distribute weight throughout the body to increase speed, power and fitness.

Omorpho has been creating its gravity sportswear over three years. This is to prove that light clothing can be used for all types of training and sports.

MicroLoad is a technique that increases the effectiveness of any exercise. It distributes small amounts of weight throughout the body. The Gravity Sportswear Collection uses MicroLoad.

MicroLoad’s visible weighted gravity spheres are strategically placed to maximize functionality. They also aim to boost confidence and give more out of every workout. The concept has been subject to rigorous testing, athletic research, and meticulous product creation.

Omorpho co-founder Stefan Olander stated in a statement that: “We have always been told that sports and fitness clothing should be light, but we must first add resistance to become stronger and more fit. Why not incorporate it into the clothes we wear?”

“Sports apparel is optimized for competition today, but most people only compete less than 1% of the time. The 99 percent remaining have a functional and beautiful collection. We used a new method to produce better results, adding light weights that don’t limit movement.”

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Omorpho is challenging the notion that lighter apparel is better than its heavier workout Gravity Sportswear

Olander, a former vice-president of innovation at Nike was also the founder of Omorpho. He worked with Ben Williams, TBWA’s new chief creative experience officer. They developed and launched Omorpho’s sportswear brand together with a group former Nike executives. A 5 million US Dollar seed round was completed by Omorpho, a Chicago-based sports/tech venture capital company KB Partners. It included participation from Bullish, Viking Macabee and several family offices.

Omorpho is named after the Greek word for beautiful. They also have a list of ambassadors that includes athletes, artists, and celebrities who will demonstrate how Gravity Sportswear can be used in all aspects of life, from dance to sport to general fitness.

Omorpho ambassadors include Julio Jones, an NFL player, Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Tony-winning actress, singer, producer, and actress Cynthia Erivo, as well as Matthias Dandois, a BMX athlete, model, and actor, and Julio Jones, who is also an Emmy and Tony winner, Ajla Tomljanovic, a tennis player, Brian Nicholson and Annie Kunz, who are choreographers.

Erivo commented on Omorpho’s partnership, saying: “An active lifestyle is essential for my mental and physical well-being. Gravity Sportswear was a bold product that I loved. I was also impressed by how it felt when I worked out in it. After I put the product on, it was almost completely light. I felt lighter after I took it off. This is the new era in fitness.”

Julio Jones, Tennessee Titans wide receiver said: “I’ve been playing football all my life so training apparel was a staple. So when I tried Gravity Sportswear for the first time, my first thought was ‘I can’t believe nobody has done it before, it’s a game-charger.”

Omorpho’s Gravity Sportswear Collection is available for both men and women. It includes vests, short-sleeve tops and biker shorts as well as leggings. Only at Prices start at 100 US Dollars

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