Canada Goose’s first footwear collection has been launched. There are two styles to choose from: the Snow Mantra Boots for women and the Journey Boots for men.

The Snow Mantra Boots, made from nylon and leather, have a variety of lacing modes to allow for a wide range of fits. Cord-locks and drawcords are quick to seal out the elements. It can be used in harsher environments.

Primaloft Gold Insulation is used in the boot. Primaloft Aerogel helps retain heat while wet. It is available in red, white, and black. The insulated liner molds to the foot over time to ensure a custom fit.

The Journey Boots can be used for adventures from the city to far off the grid. The boots are inspired by vintage hiking boots and allow for flexibility. They can be molded to your foot to fit your feet. It provides protection against water and rocks. The chamfered edge of the boot is very similar to climbing shoes. Black, white, and camel are available for women. For men, the boot is available in white suede and black.

The boots are waterproof and made from TerraCare Leather. TerraCare is committed to developing and using ecological tanning techniques in order reduce water and chemical use. Brand TerraCare has become more focused on sustainability. It uses its Humanature purpose platform, which combines its sustainability and value-based initiatives.

The boots were worn by adventurers, scientists, filmmakers, and athletes over six months to test them. Two styles of footwear were inspired by the brand’s product archives, including the Snow Mantra Parka.

President and CEO of Canada Goose Dani Reiss stated that “Building new categories is Canada Goose’s core competency and footwear is the next step in Canada Goose’s product portfolio. Canada Goose Footwear was years in the making. We created and developed this unique category that is unlike any other. This has been something our customers have been asking for for for years. This collection is a perfect example of the Canada Goose lifestyle. It has stood the test of time, and all the elements.”

three person showing sneaners

The brand’s Live in the Open campaign was launched alongside the collection. It explores the stories and experiences of three people. Romeo Beckham and Sarain Fox, an Indigenous activist and artist, and Jordin Tootoo, an Indigenous leader and former NHL hockey player, share their stories of perseverance and resilience. People are encouraged to speak out freely and without judgment.

The brand’s collection will now be available online and in stores. A retail theatre and immersive experiences that function as an exhibition will bring the collection to life. Snapchat users will be able to test the boots by wearing them through augmented reality.

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