Wrangler, an apparel brand, has partnered up with Yellowstone television series for a pop culture collaboration.

ViacomCBS Consumer Product, which manages all licensing and marketing for Yellowstone’s network, Paramount Network (also known as Yellowstone), is collaborating with ViacomCBS to create “genuine articles for westerners.”

The collection is already available. This collaboration was inspired by Yellowstone’s continued use of the brand’s clothing over its four-season run. It combines Yellowstone’s ethos of conserving the western way of living with Wrangler’s roots in rodeo and farming, as well as Wrangler’s ranching and ranching roots.

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Wrangler will remain the brand that represents authenticity in western fashion. Holly Wheeler, vice president of global marketing for Wrangler, stated that Yellowstone’s collaboration brings our lifestyle into the spotlight. It allows us to reach new audiences and shows them how to invoke the cowboy spirit.

The collection includes twill and denim shirts, jackets with screen-printed and lasered versions of Dutton Ranch’s brand Y, as well as a variety of dual-gender hoodies, t-shirts and t-shirts with graphics from the show.

Many Yellowstone characters have worn Wrangler jeans, including Kayce Dutton. The fourth season premiered on November 7.

Johnetta Boone, Yellowstone costume designer, said, “I love being in partnership with Wrangler because a western heritage brand that not just shows such craftsmanship quality and design but also fits perfectly for the ranch lifestyle we’re trying to portray.” “I was able to find pieces that would work for the entire Dutton family as well as the full cast.”

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