Celebrities, TikTok, and people who work from home bring back the hair accessory of the 2000s. The latest accessory in fashion is not expensive and it’s not sold in exclusive boutiques. The claw clip is available in all pharmacies across the country and costs around PS3.

Most women know the springed hair grip with teeth to hold hair in its place. It is used to pin long hair out of their faces. It isn’t seen as glamorous or part of a fashion trend. That changed when models including Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber started wearing the clip, and after it became the subject of hair tutorials on TikTok.

The app has viewed 242.6m videos with #clawclip. Asos reports that they have sold 240,000 claw clip in the last five months, an increase of 57% over the autumn 2020.

brown and silver makeup brush

Refinery29 featured a feature this week on ways to wear the claw clips, partly based upon tips from social media.

Jacqueline Kilikita (the site’s beauty editor) says that the popularity of the clip is due to many factors. Claw clips became popular in 2000, when they were part of the wider Y2K trend. However, more people are working remotely was another factor. “The majority of us wanted easy, low-maintenance hairstyles that looked chic and could be achieved at home in a matter of seconds without any heat styling or use of hair products.

Kilikita recognizes the celebrity impact of the claw clip but says that it’s so universally accepted means more women will adopt it. She says that you don’t have to be an expert in order to get the perfect look.

The claw clip’s simplicity may explain why it is so popular on TikTok. Videos often go viral without any celebrity attached. Kilikita says, “It’s equally wearable for us mere mortals as TikTok‚Äôs beauty content creators has demonstrated.”

She points to the variety of videos on the app, from French twists to low buns, and the tutorials across demographics: “There’s a claw clip for all styles, whether the twist or bun, as well as all hair types and textures.”

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