YY Nation, a sustainable shoe brand, has unveiled the “lowest carbon footprint sneakers in the world.”

The Legacy Footwear’s sustainable Legacy Footwear line includes the Nimbo shoe. It is made from bamboo and algae and has a carbon footprint weighing 5.45 kilograms CO2e. YY Nation found that these shoes emit three times as much carbon dioxide than traditional sneakers.

The entire Legacy Footwear line has a carbon footprint of between 5.45 and 8.15 kilograms CO2. This is 42 to 61% lower than the average sneaker emission of 14 kilograms CO2. YY Nation shoes have been Zero Carbon Certified and aim to be carbon neutral by 2022.

black and white Nike Air Max 95 sneaker

“We are on a mission to create the most sustainable shoes in the world,” stated Jeremy Bank, founder of YY Nation. “While we are off to a great start, it is not enough. These shoes are one of the most sustainable options, but they are among the most carbon-intensive. It’s great to make a difference. We just want to do better.”

The collection is designed to reduce waste and achieve sustainability. Other than bamboo and algae, merino wool and pineapple leather were also used.

Banks stated that every component of the Legacy Footwear Collection is made from sustainable, natural, or recycled materials. We are more conscious of how things get into the world, but less concerned about what we leave behind.

There are four styles in the collection: the Alto, the Cirro, the Nimbo, and the Strato. The collection comes in 12 colors and is the result three years of research.

Bank said, “YY Nation today launches” and “YY Nation is committing itself to a carbon-negative future that combines high sustainability standards with amazing design and comfort.”

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