The online digital platform Roblox has created a virtual world called ‘Nikeland’ by Nike, a sportswear giant.

Nike created the environment to make Nike’s brand a 3D immersive space. The backdrop features Nike’s global headquarters. The virtual world draws its inspiration directly from real-life locations, and includes mini-games for gamers.


The virtual world will have a digital showroom that allows the avatars to view a selection of Nike products. You can find the Nike Mercurial football boot and Air Force 1 as well as many other staple Nike apparel.

Companies have developed an accelerometer feature to encourage kids to move. This allows them transfer offline movements into online games. The ability to move a device allows for in-game actions such as speed runs or long jumps.

The launch is part of Nike’s ongoing goal to make sports and play a lifestyle for kids. This mission is evident in a variety of initiatives, including a YouTube series featuring young athletes with the goal to encourage viewers to be active.

Roblox’s launch is intended to enhance this mission. According to a April 2020 report, the digital platform, which targets younger players, has more than 200 million active users. This expansive reach has also been used by other prominent brands, like Vans and Gucci, which both offer immersive experiences that allow users to dress up their avatars with virtual brand goods.

The launch of Nikeland will be celebrated by bringing the digital world to Nike’s House of Innovation in New York City using a Snapchat lens. You can view an augmented reality version Nikeland at HOI’s kid’s section, which includes signature characters and games.

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