Exclusible was founded with the sole purpose to help luxury brands realize their digital transformation. Collectors will be able to access NFTs and experience limited editions from five luxury brands: fashion, watches and jewelry, beauty and supercars.

The team includes luxury executives, entrepreneurs and blockchain technologists. They are primarily made up of NFT enthusiasts from Europe and the USA. Their vision is for Fashion and Luxury brands to integrate digital assets in the next decade to dress the Metaverse, and provide unlimited opportunities to their communities to express themselves digitally.

This vision can only be realized if brands are able to tap into NFTs and create engaging experiences for the crypto community. Exclusible’s mission to luxury brands is to create compelling NFT concepts that will increase their brand equity and provide long-term value for the community. It is more than a NFT marketplace. It connects Luxury brands with the wider crypto community. Exclusible allows that relationship to blossom and take place.

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Exclusible sold 3000 Alpha NFTs in 48 hours!

The Alpha Drop’s goal has been to build a community of passionate Luxury NFTs. Alpha card holders will enjoy incredible benefits when they purchase future collections with luxury brands. Alpha NFT owners have about 1200 members and are now one step closer in creating a new reality for digital luxury.

The Alpha NFT Collection was only the beginning of a much larger project. Exclusible sold 3,000 NFTs worth 2.4 million dollars within 48 hours. This is equivalent to about 570 Ethereum in just 48 hours. Exclusible’s total sales reached 570ETH in less than 48hrs. This money will go towards the building of the platform (target launch in November) as well as hiring new talent to strengthen the Exclusible 12-strong team.

French and Portuguese startups have now made public their first steps towards the future of luxury. In the next weeks, they will unveil important milestones that will determine the company’s future. Although the public sale is over, some people can still buy Alpha NFTs from current holders on OpenSea.io. Secondary activity will begin after the expiration of the minting period. Exclusible is currently at #57 in OpenSea’s volume ranking, with 117 ETH total volume traded.

The Alpha Drop can be seen as a preview of future collections. Our goal is to give our supporters and early backers access to brand drops, and allow them to interact directly with luxury brands and collectors. Pierre Guigourese is Chief Operating Officer at Exclusible. “The Alpha NFT Collection will have more than just striking 3D art. It will also have a special meaning to us and real utility for its owners.”

What’s next for Exclusible

The Exclusible team is now focusing on the launch of future brand drops after the success of the Alpha Collection. There are many new ideas and news to be cooked in the kitchen after Exclusible has had conversations with over 50 luxury brands through the five verticals that Exclusible operates. November will be filled with surprises and highlights about Exclusible’s inauguration and its partnership some luxury brands.

Exclusible will also invest in and create the next.exclusible.com future insight platform to lift the community and offer a fresh perspective on the future of digital transformation and metaverse expansion for the luxury sector. The Exclusible community is hot, sexy, and exclusive.

The best brands worldwide should expect NFTs releases and a new section of research projects in luxury, metaverse and NFTs areas.

“Exclusible’s Alpha Collection is a significant milestone because it represents the first step in creating real value for our community. This creates value for luxury companies that are interested in not only starting their NFT journey, but also connecting with a new audience. Our mission is to create a positive feedback loop between brands, the community and each other. Exclusible allows that relationship to blossom,” says Olivier Moingeon Chief Commercial Officer at Exclusible.

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