I desire an outdoorsy feeling of good health all year. It can be faked with all skin types and ages. I just completed my twice-yearly wardrobe overhaul. Linen shirts and gauzy dresses go on sabbatical in the loft. I will be taking the baton to big coats, chunky knits, and so forth until next spring.

My bronzer is what never goes into hibernation. Although bronzing cream or powder is intended to replicate the desirable effects of summer sun exposure by giving the skin a deeper glow, it’s not something that can be done at a specific time. Bronzer is something I wear all year because I want the “bonne mine” look, which can be achieved on all skin types and ages. For greater plausibility during the cooler months, you can dial down the coverage and colour.

pink and brown makeup brush set

Glossier’s Solar Paint (13ml; PS17) is a great choice for those who are afraid of fall bronzing. These compact bronze wands are super easy to use and can be used in four different shades. They will suit all skin types, from light to dark. Although shimmer is not something I usually use (Fenty’s shine-free Cheeks Out bronzer is my favorite), I am enjoying the playful novelty of Glossier’s whipped gel cream. It can be applied lightly to the cheeks and then blended in with a brush or fingertips. This gives one the illusion of depth when their face appears flat and lifeless without looking sloppy or “made up”.

Victoria Beckham Beauty’s new Cheeky Pouch (5g, PS36), in Playground has a similar effect, but without the shimmer. It’s a beautiful, natural-looking lipstick that’s a close cousin to the one Beckham’s mother used to hurriedly apply to Victoria’s cheeks when she “looked a little peaky”.

To those who are still attached to powder bronzers, I recommend Dior Beauty. It is currently in a very strong run. Dior Forever Natural Bronze (9g), PS40, gives skin a natural glow. It is light, smooth, nonchalky, non-shimmery, and suitable for all skin types. There is a shade to suit everyone. However, if you’re very pale or struggle with bronzer shade 01 Fair Bronze may be the one for you. The powder is so natural, that it is easy to apply. However, your fingertips will not do. Use a fluffy brush to swirl the powder across your cheeks, temples, and nose, after applying any foundation, and before blusher.

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