Neons and pastels are out – it’s all about the khaki, avocado and moss shades. Green is still very much in fashion (blame Bottega Veneta), but it’s now coming to our makeup bags. We don’t need to be talking about faddy neons and lurid greens here. Instead, we are looking at a more subtle, muted palette for autumn: beer-bottle, shimmering moss, khaki and the avocado-toned 1970s bathroom, and the sprout’s outer fronds.

These tones may not look very appealing on paper, I will admit, but they are also flattering on the eyes and nails.

Charlotte Tilbury’s blendable The Rebel is my choice if you are looking for pretty, coordinated shadow palettes. 10g for PS40, and e.l.f.’s ridiculously affordable (3.5g on PS4!). Hot Jalapeno quads are both unmistakably green, while their neutral undertones keep it appropriately adult.

I recommend using one shade of green and sweeping it over your lid with a medium-sized brush. After stopping at the crease, use a smaller brush to apply a bit under the lower lashes. Then, you can start applying mascara.

Monochromatic looks are more fun and exciting than trying to match different shades, textures, and tones. I prefer single cream shadows. Even with my green eyes, I have seen remarkable results even with minimal effort using Glossier Lidstar Herb (a shimmering GI-fatigues Green, 4.5ml for PS15) and Stila’s matte Suede Shade Lipstick in Enchanted Earth (4.5ml for PS20), a sort of guacamole-on-the-turn.

Even if this makes you anxious or pre-emptively tired you can still smudge a simple green liner across your eyes and call it quits. My favourite is Chanel’s Khaki Metal Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyliner and Pencil (PS24), a soft-gliding, retractable pencil that can be used for hours even in the rain.

A green nail lacquer can tie it all together, as Liza Minnelli did in Cabaret. 15 ml is for PS13.90 and is a kind of lush, billiard-table baize. It is almost neutral, and goes well with everything (13.5ml for PS7.99).

This trend doesn’t require any rejigging or adjusting of your makeup. You can wear any color you want on your lips and cheeks, including peach, brown, berry or berry. But, for flattering and fashionable eye makeup, don’t forget to include your greens.

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