It is able to absorb dirt and grease, and my hair looks healthier.

As a devoted dry shampoo user, I often find myself defending it. I don’t want anyone to wrongly think I am a shampoo dodger. The term “dry shampoo” is a general misnomer. The product does not clean hair as well as a hairstyler. It does not remove grease or dirt, but absorbs it. This allows for a longer blowdry and adds bulk to fine, flat, floppy, and greasy hair, no matter how dirty or fresh washed.

So it is with some awkwardness that i now praise a dry shampoo for actually cleaning your hair and reducing my weekly shampoo usage.

Living Proof Advanced Clean Dry Shampoo (PS23,198ml) This dry shampoo is unlike any other I have used (and I’ve tried hundreds).

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Powder is used to absorb grease and dirt, just like other dry shampoos. However, the key difference is that it doesn’t gradually turn hair itchy and make it look manky. Instead, it’s a quick shake and brush. It leaves behind no chalky white dust or discernible dirt.

It’s like Shake n’ Vac for hair (a reference to the children, there). It’s my obsession, and it’s come at a perfect time for me to reduce the amount of washes. (Because I’ve changed my hair color to silver, I have to deal with purple shampoos every day.

It’s allowed me to wear a shower cap five days a week and my hair looks healthier.

It is great for people who are temporarily unable or unwilling to wash their hair (hospital patients, festival-goers, etc.). Advanced Clean isn’t cheap and there are no reasons to abandon traditional dry shampoos.

If you prefer your hair to be more manageable the next day, then you can get your bulk and grip from something cheaper. I particularly love dry shampoos from Klorane, Batiste and Love Beauty & Planet, all under PS10.

If you prefer your hair to look its best “day one”, Advanced Clean is the best choice. It will replicate it perfectly and it is well worth having.

While I don’t think you should spend more than PS20 for dry shampoo, I do recommend this one if you are ever tempted.

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