VoucherCodes conducted a survey and found that nearly three quarters of British citizens intend to rent clothing from rental companies during party season.

A third of the shoppers surveyed said that renting helped them avoid guilt about fast fashion, which makes sustainability the main reason why they are choosing to rent.

32 percent of respondents said it would enable them to buy expensive accessories for a fraction of the cost. 23 percent enjoyed the freedom to be adventurous and not have to spend a lot on something they don’t normally purchase.

22 percent stated that it would help them save money and 16 percent claimed that they wanted to avoid wearing the same outfits over and over again, which reduces guilt about not having worn a particular piece.

While there is a rise of people looking to rent clothes out, 34% are still refusing to do so because of hygiene concerns. 23% of Brits fear damaging the clothes and 21% are concerned about other people finding out they rented their outfit.

Research shows that the growing problem faced by Brits is the rapid consumption of fashion. The average Brit spends 204.36 pounds each year on three outfits for special occasions. 12 percent only wear the outfit once.

The amount of money that British people will spend on clothing is different from renting. For a new look, men will spend around 76 pounds and women, 61 pounds. However, when it comes renting, people expect to pay 45 pounds for each outfit. This is a 35% decrease in spending.

Anita Naik, VouchesCodes lifestyle editor, stated that climate change is on many people’s minds.

Gucci is aiming to be the most rented brand. 30% of respondents ranked them number one on their list. Calvin Klein was second, Armani third and then Louis Vuitton Hugo Boss, Dior, and so on.

Hurr, Onloan, and By Rotation offer luxury brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Gucci and Calvin Klein at a fraction of the retail price. Naik said that it’s wonderful to see high-street stores like Marks and Spencer getting in on this action.

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