Lacoste Gallery has been launched by Lacoste to support equal opportunities. The gallery sells 46 visual works. All proceeds go to the Lacoste Foundation partner associates. In line with its Durable Elegance global CSR approach, the foundation seeks to offer equal opportunities.

man wearing Lacoste zip jacket

The foundation aims to support social and professional integration for disabled and disadvantaged young people, as well as improving living conditions in their communities.

This is done by funding projects in education, health and the environment. The foundation has supported more than 200 projects and helped more than 100,000 youth since 2006.

These paintings depict iconic imagery from Lacoste such as vintage posters from early campaigns by Robert George, designs by Robert George the first creative director, historical photos of Lacoste families, and illustrations inspired from the brand’s graphic code.

Lacoste offers an augmented reality experience that can be purchased in many countries around the globe. Customers can enjoy the virtual gallery online, which allows them to view the works from anywhere.

Catherine Spindler, chief brand officer at Lacoste, and member of Lacoste Foundation’s executive committee, said, “With this gallery, we were pleased to associate our customers with the Lacoste Foundation’s commitments by allowing their customers to enjoy the brand’s iconic works in a unique way while at the same allow them to carry out solidarity actions.”

Lacoste Gallery will continue to be updated regularly with new artworks.

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