In collaboration with Astound Commerce, Elie Saab Haute Couture will launch a D2C site.

The luxury brand is creating an immersive brand experience that will virtually recreate the VIP shopping experience for its customers. It will offer a personalized experience and brand-led content. You can find everything you need, from accessories and ready-to-wear to home decor.

The brand’s D2C services are expanded by the addition of the e-commerce service. It also has five brick and mortar stores and more than 160 international stockists. This will allow it to engage digitally with existing customers and draw a new generation luxury shoppers.

David O’Sullivan, Managing Director, Middle East, Astound, stated that luxury is experiencing a revolution driven by digital commerce. “Future-forward luxury companies like Elie Saab have recognized that this permanent and rapid shift is changing how consumers interact with their brands.”

He said, “Now luxury shoppers want the exact same VIP shopping experiences and customer service they get in high-end boutiques to be replicated virtually through digital buying journeys.” This is exactly what the new website will be able to do.

Astound has been partnering with the house to provide strategic consulting in building Shopify Plus, as well as implementing creative services, and user experience for technical solutions. The company aims to project the brand’s image in digital space and bring its craftsmanship and quality to the virtual realm.

It plans to integrate communication strategies across four touchpoints with shoppers: email, Instagram, Facebook and Instagram. This will ensure consistent messaging.

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