From mandatory mask-wearing and facing the polluted office commute again to finally enjoying a proper summer with friends and family, 2021 is bound to have taken a toll on your skin.

You might have had to contend with maskne, heatwave-related sun damage or stress-induced spots to pinpoint a handful of gripes. The industry’s top skincare experts were there to offer their expert advice.

Over the past year we’ve spoken to some of the biggest names in beauty for their take on all things healthy and happy skin, including London’s best facialist Jasmina Vico, renowned aesthetician Dija Ayodele and sought-after dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We have compiled the best skincare advice we received in 2021, and how it can help you throughout next year.

This genius chapped lips hack was shared by Bobbi Brown, a makeup artist. She said, “If my lips feel dry, I apply eye cream.” “Lip balm acts more as protector but a cream as a moisturizer and will absorb better. ” TikTokers are also obsessed, priming damp lips with eye cream before slathering on balm. Eye cream is designed for delicate skin, so it makes sense that it should also be suitable for lips. For maximum hydration, we love Jones Road Eye Cream (PS31) and Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado (PS26.50).

  1. Stem cells

Jasmina Vico, Jodie Comer’s facialist, uses one ingredient to transform her skin and recommends it for most clients.

Jasmina said that she likes to use products with stem cells and growth factors at night. “Stem cells rejuvenate your skin.” This makes them an excellent addition to any anti-aging skincare regimen if you want to increase your skin’s glow and bounce. She explained that stem cells can be either animal- or plant-based, and can even be grown in a laboratory. However, this will add thousands to your cost.

Pro said that she loves Bioeffect skincare. The brand uses stem cells from barley to make everything, including moisturisers and serums. The Bioeffect Hydrating Serum, PS60 and the EGF Day Serum (PS115) are rated highly.

2. Protective layer restoration

From glycolic to salicylic, exfoliating acids are still big news in skincare. However, overusing active ingredients such as these can cause skin to become dry, red, flaky, and itchy. It’s important to reduce the amount of active ingredients you use when this happens. Skin expert Dr. Anita Sturnham suggested following an exfoliating product with your trusty nighttime moisturiser, which will replenish your skin. You might want to look out for products which contain repairing ingredients like ceramides. Dermatologists recommend Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream PS30 or CeraVe Facial Moisturising Lotion PS13 whcih are both gentle on sensitive skin.

3. Applying skincare products on damp skin

Christine Chang, cofounder and CEO of Glow Recipe, made a compelling case recently for using skincare products on a damp skin to maximize the benefits. The hack has also gone TikTok viral. Layering moisturisers and serums onto damp skin, also known as “moisture sandwiching”, will help to keep moisture under lock-and-key. Christine said that applying skincare to dry skin won’t give you the results you want. She suggested getting rid of your towel.

4. Oily skin is good

Oily skin can cost you a lot of money and time. But according to consultant dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne, oily skin should be appreciated as those natural oils provide lots of great protection. She said that our sebum was amazing for our skin earlier this year. “Firstly, it has its own natural antioxidants in it,” she mentioned, referring to vitamin E. This deflects environmental stressors, such as pollution. Vitamin E, when combined with sunscreen, can provide an additional shield from the sun. Dr Craythorne says oil is also a natural moisturizer. Dr. Craythorne said that oil coats the skin and acts as a barrier. It’s so good for our skin.

5. Skin laser treatments can transform your skin

It seems everyone is extolling the virtues of laser treatments lately. Our editor booked an appointment with Skin Laundry not long ago, she said: “After just one session which lasted for just 15 minutes, my skin was visibly brighter, my pores smaller and fine lines reduced. The best part was that there was no downtime. After leaving the clinic, my skin felt smooth and luminous.” As Vicky said in her article, sun damage can take longer to treat but it felt like I finally had the skin that everyone aspires to.

6. Home skincare devices are really working

white face massager

Facial massage tools are very popular at the moment. As DIY skincare has become more popular, jade rollers and Gua Sha tools are very in demand. Sonic devices have also seen a rise in popularity. Our beauty columnist tested a variety of facial massage tools, but one stood out: the NuFace Trinity Toning Device (PS329). She says that her cheekbones are more defined and my skin feels smoother. “I have seen enough improvement in my skin to be able to buy it again and to justify the cost.”

She isn’t the only one to rate NuFace. In an Instagram live video, Dr. Anjali Mahto, a consultant dermatologist, said that she likes the NuFACE Mini Facial Toning Device (PS175). She said that it had given her a temporary lift. “It’s a home device you can relax to use and it’s going give you a temporary boost. I was pleasantly surprised.”

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