The other day I was going through my assortment of nail, card-deck and press-on cards that I had accumulated over the last year. Plenty of brands were present – Chillhouse, Olive & June, Dashing Diva and Static Nails – there are many options for solid-color and abstract designs.

Instead of pulling ten nails out of one box, I thought of the trend I recently “Saved” on Instagram: Mixing and matching my sets. Deja Foxx, a model and influencer who was a Chillhouse fan, inspired me to do this manicure. She had combined several different Chill Tip designs in one manicure.

woman's nails with manicure

Soon after, I noticed that Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Chillhouse, was also mixing and matching her brand’s designs. Although she didn’t intend to create press-on nails that could be mixed and matched with other brands, she is very aware of how successful the idea has been, especially since press-ons have become extremely trendy. Ramirez says, “Our designs complement each other and we have so much die-hard supporters who shop every set when they release.” “It was only a matter time before we started to see some creative takes on the tips.

Ramirez was kind enough to tell me how to approach a mix-and match manicure. This is because I am a beginner at this. Ramirez suggests that you use That 70’s Chill and Discoteca to create a customized Chillhouse collection. She says it has “such a vibe” There are so many options. Pair them if you have more than two sets of nail press-ons at home, including stickers, gel wraps, and semi-cured gels. Ramirez also reminds us to not overthink it, but just have fun! Sometimes, the best nail designs can be created in a moment. You can also peel them off to try again.

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