When I was scrolling through Instagram the other day, I discovered that Elsa Hosk makes nail polish. The Swedish supermodel recently entered into a brand partnership with Beaubble [byoobuhl] – A new community-driven beauty platform – will design a limited-edition line of watercolor nail varnishes.

These colors have a vibe: A ‘Matisse Blue’, an iced matcha-latte and a sheer pink that Hosk wore in her Grace Kelly outfit are just a few of the options. This formula is water-based, and easily peelable. You can apply the manicure to your nails and then remove it with warm water.

The Beaubble and Elsa Hosk Pearable Nail Polish comes in three mini nail polishes, each in two colors. The Sorbet Palette is Grace-Kelly pink and coral with clementine. The Garden Palette includes matcha, periwinkle and Matisse shades. I used the Sorbet Palette pink polish for my home test. The pigment is opaque out of the bottle (it is 60% water-based), but three coats transform it into a translucent jellybean-pink.

eight assorted color glass bottles

The peel-off method makes it easy to remove gels without feeling guilty. This water-based formula won’t stick to your natural nails like Shellac or a gel polish. It can be easily removed by peeling off. I can save myself from soaking cotton pads in nail polish remover and then tossing them in the garbage.

Hosk says that she was motivated to partner with Beaubble to create Peelable Polish. But she didn’t know how much she would love the colors. She says that it’s great fun and she can change the color as often as her outfits. They are all mixed and matched. When I asked her which one she preferred, she quickly replied: “The green!” It’s just the feeling I have at the moment. It feels very holiday-ish. It felt holiday-ish to me.

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