A .fall manicure is a special moment that we love. Whether you’re looking forward to you twice-a-month gel change at the salon or gluing on a fresh set of press-ons from your kitchen table, it’s refreshing to look down at your fingernails and see something shiny and different.

There are many options when it comes polish and design. But, you might choose the one that best suits your November vibe. You might choose a snake-print French inspired by Dua Lipa. You could also choose a seasonal burgundy, or a combination of burnt orange and chestnut. We have some cool ideas to inspire you next manicure. Take a look at the latest trends.

Snake Tips

Dua Lipa is “feeling autumnal” with what her manicurist, Michelle Humphrey, calls “snake tips.” The print is fun and more surprising than a leopard or cheetah.

person wearing gold ring holding black textile

Oxblood Tones

We have already seen the benefits of a burgundy manicure. This is Julie Kandalec, a nail artist, showing Jessica Chastain’s nails in closeup. It further supports the argument that two coats a vampy purple polish is always a good idea.

Powerpuff Hearts

Trending Y2K hearts are still to be seen. A bright pink can be a refreshing choice for those who have been wearing dark nail polish a lot lately. The puffy, cartoon-heart design, as seen by Alexa Isabel, feels nostalgic and sweet.

Brown & Orange

Lauren (LoLoNailedIt), a digital creator, says she is wearing only browns and oranges from November to December. Mixing them together creates a pumpkin chestnut mix that is almost cozy.

Yin Yang

white ceramic coffee mug filled with black liquid

Amy Le, a nail artist, created a French manicure that resembled a yin-yang on Ami Grannis, whose jewelry designer is Ami Grannis. Both the symbol as well as the white color have been reinterpreted frequently on Instagram. NYC-based nail brand Chillhouse even interpreted the zen aesthetic on its new .reusable press-ons.

Sage Green

Blake Lively and Pete Davidson wore sage-green nails for November in NYC. Kandalec also did Davidson’s court-side mani. Although pale green was traditionally considered a springtime shade, Lively shows that it can be used as a refreshing contrast to dark winter outfits.

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