Ericsson’s 10 Hot Consumer Trends report predicts that hybrid malls will be a top choice for consumers by 2030.

According to the report, AR glasses, haptic bodysuits, and tactile gloves will be offered in a futuristic shopping mall. There will also be space for a variety of activities.

This research was done using an online survey sent to 57 million early adopters worldwide of AR, VR, and digital assistants in fourteen cities.

These cities included Delhi, Jakarta, Johannesburg and Tokyo.

Ericsson calls the hybrid mall The Everyspace Plaza. It consists of a variety of facilities that each serve a specific purpose. Based on research, the All-now Arena was created based upon 89% of consumers stating that event halls are the future of telepresence technology. This is where artists can perform digitally.

7/10 consumers believe that salons will use volumetric modeling technology to digitally enhance their looks. The Immersive Beauty Salon was born out of the belief that fast fashion can be tailored using AR/VR at the Meta Tailor.

The Anyverse Pool is a swimming pool that customers envision using oxygenated VR headsets to feel outer space is zero gravity. The Hybrid Gym is where seven in ten people expect mental fitness centers with multisensory and personality-tuned AR/VR scenery.

Image: Ericsson

The Node of the Universe also offers The Restaurant at the Node of the Universe and the Neverending Store, where customers can project their home inside the store to try out new products. There is also the Medical Multiplex Center, Nature + Park, and an AR/VR zoo in the mall.

Survey respondents were asked to rate 15 hybrid shopping centers that combined digital technology with the physical experience. Nearly four out of five respondents think that the concepts proposed will be made available by 2030.

It may seem difficult to envision large numbers of consumers possessing expensive tech gear like AR glasses, waterproof VR glasses and haptic body suits. However, it’s possible for large numbers of shoppers to have such equipment if it can be shared at a lower price. This is Dr. Michael Bjorn, head of research agenda at Ericsson Consumer & IndustryLab and the driver of the 10 Hot Consumer Trends Report.

Bjorn claims that the report also shows that consumers believe that hybrid malls can add to local lives in a positive, sustainable way. In fact, 32 percent of respondents agreed that hybrid shopping centers could make small towns more appealing.

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