StockX, the online marketplace for resale, has released its 2021 Trend Report, Big Facts. It highlights the people, brands and events that have had an impact on the market in the past year.

This report includes futuristic footwear trends and unexpected collaborations. It is based on data from the company’s network of buyers, sellers, and other sources. We selected the top trends for the past year as reported by StockX.

The new sneaker

As lockdowns became more severe, buyers began to shift away from traditional sneakers and moved towards comfortable footwear such as slides and clogs. The marketplace reported that this trend only accelerated in 2021 with a 250 percent increase year-on-year (YOY), trade for Yeezy Slides. The brand’s Foam-RNNR style saw a 3,400% YOY growth in trade, which is a remarkable feat after just six years of existence.

Crocs saw over 35,000 trades last year, making it one of the most-traded shoes on the site. Over the last year, the shoe was the subject of a number of celebrity collaborations. These included Bad Bunny and Justin Bieber who both released their own branded Croc charms.

Birkenstock collaborations were also included in the report. The marketplace saw a 300 percent increase in YOY growth. Stussy partnered with the label to produce a pair of signature cork-soled sneakers, each with its name embossed.

person wearing black birkenstocks

Unexpected collaborations

2021 could be called the “Year of the Collabs”, with a variety of brands joining forces to create profound and unexpected collaborations that generated significant discussion. The most talked about collaboration was Yeezy’s Gap, which sold out in a matter of hours. StockX reports that the collection has seen more than 17,000 trades since its release a few months back.

Telfar’s bag collaboration and Uggs were also big traders. The year saw over 4,000 trades. Gucci and The North Face were also big sellers, reporting an average 1,400-dollar resale price for their glamping collection. Supreme’s Tiffany & Co. Drop, which was launched in November, received a 140 percent price increase.

Monthly game changers

StockX also identified key monthly turning points for brands with certain events leading to significant increases in activity on specific labels and products. After Beyonce, a global pop star, was seen carrying the brand’s medium shopping bag in July, Telfar saw a significant increase in movement. According to StockX, searches for Telfar rose 500% compared to their daily average the next day. The site’s traffic continued to rise months later.

In July, LeBron James, a basketball star, made the transition to acting by accepting a part in the Space Jam renewal. In addition to the Space Jam merchandise, Nike released its South Beach style again, which caused a 300 percent increase in searches for LeBron sneakers. This was the largest trade volume in two decades according to StockX.

The world watched Tokyo’s Olympics and skateboarding was introduced as an Olympic sport. Since their launch, the Piet Parra-designed Nike SBs (and skateboarding kits) saw 15,000 trades.

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