Reebox’s inclusion group, The Reebok Collective, has partnered up with Justin Mensinger, an upcycling specialist, to create a limited-edition sweatshirt collection that promotes mental health awareness.

Mensinger was the winner of The Hype’s streetwear design competition. He is known for his recycled and upcycled designs, which he considers to be more art than clothing. Reebok’s ‘Piece of Us” collection features six unique eco-conscious designs. Each design highlights mental health and uses repurposed patches from members of the Reebok Collective.

In January, the sweatshirts will go up for auction on Charity Buzz. All proceeds will be donated to Boks, the brand’s non-profit partner. The organization aims to make positive mental and physical health practices a part of every child’s daily life.

Mensinger stated that the collection should be cohesive, but each piece has its own look and feel. “Every piece of clothing that once held someone’s energy or style was combined to create a new story and a new garment that anyone else can enjoy.”

The brand also released a video showing the creation of the sweatshirts. Interviews with members of Reebok Collective discuss their thoughts and experiences with clothing as it relates to mental health. Boks will receive proceeds from the sale of the sweatshirt. Reebok also announced a 50,000-dollar donation to the Boks community.

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