Ilona Reemers is proud to be the new Fashion Designer for the nautical fashion label CHRIS Cayne of The Shirtmakers, Hoevelaken. “This is a wonderful challenge, which I have been enthusiastically working on almost one year.”

She tells about the collaboration:

My story began 16 years ago when I joined The Fashion Academy Rotterdam in 2005. After years of study and internships, I realized that I was a fashion girl and wanted to work for international lifestyle brands like Tommy Hilfiger. Here I gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

In 2020, I took on a new challenge and became Senior Fashion Designer at The Shirtmakers of Hoevelaken. Soon after, I was invited to interview. I was assigned to redesign the CHRIS CAYNE men’s label and get it back on the map. It was a fantastic challenge! The past few months have been filled with enthusiasm as I worked on various CHRIS CAYNE branding and collections. So I am excited to share a brief description of the new look. The collection will be divided into two nautical collections: Casual Wear and Casual/Sport. Casual Wear is stylish, comfortable, colorful, and modern. The Casual/Sport line is sportier and uses more technical materials, red/white/blue colors and branded trims. All Casual Wear product groups feature our new yacht logo. Our new red/white/blue nautical flag tape is used for the Casual/Sport styles. This not only gives the brand a distinct look, but also unites the two collection segments.

Image: Chris Cayne

Quality is the key!

Our fabrics for men’s label CHRIS CAYNE are carefully selected and made with love. Our mission is to make fashion that “Wastes Nothing” and welcomes everyone. The world faces some of the most difficult challenges today, ranging from climate change and resource scarcity to inequality or prejudice. While one fashion brand cannot change everything, The Shirtmakers can help us work together to make fashion a more sustainable place.

Variation is key!

A wide range of products in different product groups based on diversity in fabrics (solids/textures/jacquards), finishings, stripes, allover prints provide CHRIS CAYNE with the right look. We also offer many different sizes. We are inspired by today’s fashion.

The most important thing is price!

To ensure that everyone has access to the collection, we are constantly working on a healthy pricing structure.

Take a look at our retailers to get inspired.

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