Roblox and Forever 21 have partnered on a digital experience.

The Forever 21 Shop City is a game that allows users to create, manage and own their own store.

You can purchase Forever 21 products, including clothing and accessories. As the goal is to be the best shop in the game, non-player characters may be hired as employees.

This experience is community-first, and there are many collaborations that launch alongside it. Roblox players @Builder_Boy and @Beeism have joined forces to create an exclusive fashion line in the Forever 21 Shop City.

The shop will also include exclusive stores designed by influencers like Shaylo, KrystinPlays and the Sopo Squad.

The store features include the ability to swap locations with builders anywhere in the game. They can also stock inventory and assist customers. Interior customization is possible. You can also obtain merchandise from Forever 21’s physical stores.

“The metaverse has been the most transformative innovation in the history of the internet. Justin Hochberg, CEO of VBG, stated that Roblox is one the most successful platforms for brands.” “Our collaboration With Forever 21 marks not only one of the largest metaverse launches this Year, but also one that uniquely combines both the physical and digital worlds by delivering IRL Content from Forever 21 in game and finding ways for Roblox UGC Creations to exist IRL.”

Four themed districts will be featured at Forever 21 Shop City, including entertainment, food court, and yellow carpet.

“Forever 21 Shop City is our way of expanding our customer engagement and expanding our product offerings.” Katrina Glusac, chief merchandising officer of Forever 21, said that she was “excited to create a Roblox space where fans can connect with each other and bring their vision of Forever 21 to reality.”

Image: Virtual Brand Group

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