Roland DG unveiled a press release printed by the Texart XT 64OS-F textile printer on a dress.

This dress was made in London and printed in Milan. It makes use of the bright colours and white inks available on the machine, as well the ability to print text.

“We collaborated with our Italian textile customers in designing the machine. It only seemed right to continue our collaboration to bring the release of the dress to life with industry creatives.” Stephen Davis, Roland DG’s EMEA marketing director, said that it was a pleasure to work with talented seamstresses, photographers, models, and designers to turn our vision into reality. We hope that our customers are inspired to create their own garments.

Fabia Goff, a designer from Fabia Group, was also part of the design team that created the pattern. Goff, who has previously worked for brands like John Lewis and Laura Ashley, stated that she wanted the pattern to be “on trend” and incorporate bright colours.

This new machine is designed for apparel printing houses and garment makers. Fashion houses will be able to make prototypes or one-off pieces for their shows using the new textile machine.

The textile machine can be used to print on-demand garments. This will help reduce garment waste as well as meet the growing demand for short-run printing within the apparel and textile industries.

Davis stated, “We hope that our customers are inspired to create their own unique garments.”

Image: Roland DG

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