As we head into the holiday season, TikTok’s makeup hacks are coming thick and fast. The 10-second trick will give you a winged look without any effort. It involves switching out pink blush for natural-looking purple tones. This is a beauty hack that can be used by both makeup artists and beauty professionals alike.

Right now, everyone’s obsessed with the frozen Beautyblender. You might prefer to use the sponge for foundation application than using your fingers or a brush. Many high-profile celebrity makeup artists rely on a Beautyblender to achieve an Instagram-worthy base, dampening the sponge beforehand, and bouncing it over the skin to apply makeup easily. TikTokers is taking it one step further.

Original video by @gwmakeup went viral for putting her sponge in the freezer for a couple of hours before using it to apply makeup. The video received 3.4 million views. The video was soon shared by many others, including @sonjahan. @sonjahan claims that freezing makeup sponges uses less product, reduces skin swelling and provides greater coverage. It also gives you a glowing finish.

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I am a makeup lover who is constantly on the lookout for flawless foundations. Last week, Beauty In A Tik was my first time trying the jade foundation hack. Although TikTokers tout its benefits, I wasn’t sold. They claim the cool tool soothes and minimizes redness, blends better than foundation brushes or sponges, and it blends better than sponges. I was disappointed with the roller’s grip on my skin, which gave me a uneven finish. The frozen Beautyblender would it be a gimmick I’d rather forget about and relegate to TikTok’s beauty hacks graveyard.

I ran the sponge under the water and then popped it in a bowl to keep clean. Then, I put it in the freezer for about two hours. This was a mistake. This caused the sponge to freeze to the bottom of my bowl. I was able to free it from the bowl but it broke apart.

After I had pumped the foundation onto my back, the sponge started to thaw. It wasn’t as hard. It was still slightly icy so I quickly got to work. It feels amazing. Much like a jade roller or gua sha tool, the sponge was soothing and relaxing in a way I didn’t expect, and I was surprised by how immaculately it blended the foundation. The water melted into the foundation, making my skin glow. I will also take extra hydration.

My entire base was perfected in less than a minute. But, what really impressed me was my skin texture. Although pores don’t open and close to their size, frozen makeup sponge hacks like skin icing can reduce the appearance of larger pores. My pores were almost undetectable. I stared at my skin for five minutes in the mirror.

There are some practical issues, however. Who has the patience or time to freeze their makeup sponge every single day? This hack produces great and noticeable results. What does an expert think?

Zoe Moore, a makeup artist says: “I find the trend a little strange. Cooling aids can be used to de-puff the skin. However, foundations made with frozen Beautyblenders could prove disastrous. The water from the foundation will react with oil-based foundations, resulting in a cakey, unblended look.” It’s a good idea, even though I didn’t know it. Oil molecules repel water. My foundation is oil-free, but Zoe suggests another method for flawless blending. “I like to apply my base with my fingertips because the warmth of your hands makes the product blend seamlessly into the skin.”

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