Harrods’ Boxing Day sale was moved earlier this year, “in response to ongoing trading realities.”

Discounts up to 50% on select goods in the online luxury department store store are already available. Additional discounts will be offered on Boxing Day.

Shoppers are being forced to stay at home as the Omicron virus continues its spread throughout the UK. The year’s “golden” period saw a drop in street visitors and retailers are still suffering from a shortage of international tourists.

Since the Plan B restrictions were in place in December’s first week, businesses are reporting lower customer demand. However, the current spike in people testing positive for the Omicron variant has seen many consumers avoid crowded places and have led to the UK’s slowest economic growth since February. Trade unions are asking for more support.

Michael Ward, Harrods managing director, stated in a statement that: “As this important moment in our trading calendar, we were delighted to offer our customers the festive treat Harrods Winter Sale to enjoy wherever they may be, whether it is at our iconic Knightsbridge shop, online, or through our remote buying services.” “Harrods has always been open to adapting to meet the changing needs and wants of its customers. We hope that our sale will allow our clients around the globe to experience the magic of Harrods at christmas for longer.”

Harrods, London’s largest retail store, has a seven-storey building with one million square feet. The sale will be open throughout December and January.

black taxi in the street passing trough Harrods Mall during nighttime

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