TikTok is the social media platform that Gen Z prefers, regardless of whether they like it or not. Instagram and Snapchat are no longer the primary video-sharing apps. And don’t get us started about Facebook. TikTok is the best place to find budding trends in music and celebrities.

TikTok teens introduced flared yoga pants (now called “flared legs”). They declared skinny jeans unacceptable and popularized the part in the middle of the hair. Coated denim is the latest fashion trend in the app. Coated jeans look like your favorite pair rigid, flattering denim but have a sleek faux leather appearance. They are almost like a more sophisticated, dressed-up version of classic blue jeans. They can also be worn casually.

Coated jeans are an essential winter fashion item due to their versatility. We have outlined a few styles so that you can rock this trend from the first time.

Coated denim

Duster Cardigan, Cowboy Boots

The  Gap Mid Rise Vintage Short Coated Jeans are a great choice. The ($80) Red Wine adds a rock and roll feel to an everyday Western look. This outfit’s centerpiece is the dramatic, dramatic knit sweater. The LoveShack Fancy Gillies wool duster was our choice ($625). It can be layered over any shirt you choose, whether it is a turtleneck, bodysuit or vintage band tee. We recommend tall boots in equestrian-style, such as the Jeffrey Campbell Dagget Western Boots. ($260).

Faux Fur Coat and Heels

We have your New Year’s Eve look covered. We’ll be there to thank you later. The black Gap Mid Rise Vintage Slim Coated Jeans are a great pairing. A crop top or silky blouse can be paired with the black Gap Mid Rise Vintage Slim Coated Jeans for as low as $80, depending on your personal style. The “Eaves Knox Jacket” Revolve’s ($428) jacket adds a touch of Hollywood glamour. High heels are perfect for special occasions. The stunning chain heel detail on the Cult Gaia Vivianne Sandals is what we are currently obsessed with ($428).

With a Blazer or Loafer

Even if heels are not your style, embellished loafers can be a great way of dressing up jeans in winter. The burgundy coated jeans ($80) from Gap match the playful sophistication of the Ganni Jewel Moccasins ($375). The elegant vibes of this outfit can be enhanced by a cropped jacket. This is so cute! ($212)?

A Hoodie and Turtleneck

The black Gap Mid Rise Vintage Slim Coated Jeans are available in a variety of colors. You can also dress it down for casual wear ($80). A sweatshirt over a basic turtleneck like the Gap Featherweight T-Shirt ($35) is one of our favorite winter looks. This effortlessly cool combination can be achieved by choosing the right oversized hoodie. The By Samii Ryn Everyday Hoodie is our pick ($74). No matter what your preference, the shoes should be comfortable. You would wear this outfit to grocery shop or for your morning coffee. Slippers, slides or sneakers are all options. The Ugg Fluff Yes Slides are our favorite ($100).

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