Now That’s what I Call Christmas! The Signature Collection is a collection of the finest Christmas songs from the late ’90s to early ’00s. The opening track, “Opera of the Bells” by Destiny’s Child, is what makes this collection special. You don’t have to blast that song at 6 a.m. every morning to wake your family up for Christmas.

Image: Kelly Rowland, source – GettyImages

Rowland has been working alongside Ronald McDonald House Charities since her time in Destiny’s Child. This year, Rowland is partnering with Jenna Dewan, Queer Eye star, Tan France, to raise awareness and drive donations to RMHC. RMHC creates programs that improve health and well-being for millions of children and their families worldwide. Rowland believes this is a family connection. “My mother taught me that giving is better than receiving,” she says. Rowland also shares that it can help your spirit. “It makes you just happier, especially when you see that it’s contributing to happiness, and .especially .if it’s contributing to innocence and happiness within a child.”

Rowland’s love for charity and her work with Ronald McDonald House charities has been influenced by her motherhood and all the joys that come with it. She is the mother to two sons and will be sharing her gratitude for motherhood in her new book “Always With You, Always with Me”, which she co-authored with Jessica McKay, an educator. Rowland answers a question about her new perspective on beauty after becoming a mom. She says “it doesn’t have to do with skincare, makeup, or anything else we obsess over. It’s our strength that makes women beautiful, I believe. It’s my belief that it is the greatest asset we can have. Regardless of whether someone tells us otherwise, it’s simply the fact that it has been tried and tested in society and that we always rise.”

“I believe that strength is a woman’s – one her many. Because we always outdo ourselves in some way, regardless of how we feel about it. It’s because most of the time, we won’t notice it because it’s just how we do it naturally. We don’t ask for any recognition.”

It’s always a surprise. One person asked, “Oh my God, how can you do that?” Rowland says, “You’re working, and you’re a mom and da, di, da, dada, da.” They ask women that, because we make this look easy. And that’s a part of our strength, which is a beauty asset of ours that we actually don’t give ourselves enough credit for.”

Kelly Rowland’s hair is a must-see when you talk to her. From her short, curled pixie on The Writing’s on Wall to the  Freddy Vs. Jason Chunky Red Highlight period Rowland has never shied away from a hair moment. Because Kelly Rowland had both a full Cleopatra bob and a Cleopatra bob, I received a full Cleopatra bob. It was a very sweaty summer for me that year. Kelly Rowland is the only one who can pull off a great bang.

“I’m obsessed with Tracee Ellis Ross, [and] her Pattern Shampoo, and then Taraji [P. Henson] has a conditioner that was literally kissed by God. It is the most moisturizing conditioner that I have ever used. Rowland exclaims that it’s in a small, gray, glass jar. She has one that’s a conditioner, and one that’s a twist in some. It worked on my hair but I also tried it on my son’s hair.”

Rowland, a mother of two, believes that self-care is the best gift she could give herself, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. I believe that taking a moment to yourself is essential. “Some form of self-care is important to me.” Rowland says that she is obsessed with self-care because she has two children. “I’m about to put on this mask Miss Shani [Darden], my esthetician has given me, and I’m going relax. And I’m going make sure that this time for myself is necessary because it was necessary because it was essential, because I needed it.” She realizes that being a better mother to her children doesn’t just make her a better person, but it also makes her a better version of herself.

“I pour it in myself. I must be able to pour it back into my body, even if the rest of the world or social media try to take a lot out of me. So that even if it does, I don’t lose the fuel or juice I need to become the best version possible of myself.”

I asked Rowland if she could possibly be reaching into the vault to bring back some lewks from the archive, given that we are at the peak of 2000s nostalgia.  She said, “Listen, beauty should be treated the same as fashion.” Given that Rowland and longtime hairstylist Kendall Dorsey are constantly working together to create different looks and styles inspired by the past, it only seems fitting. “If I did that, it would have to be a different version. Because trends are back. But I believe it’s also how the younger generation will turn it around to make it their own. It’s all fun and games.”

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