BoohooMAN’s first collection of non-fungible tokens has been launched. This makes it one of the fastest-fashion brands to launch digital collections. These products are now free.

NFTs can be described as digital assets that are owned by a person who keeps them in their crypto wallet. The blockchain ledger stores a record of ownership and value that anyone can see, but only the owner is allowed to modify. BoohooMan’s NFTs, which are created on Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, will be sent via OpenSea to the Ethereum wallets of the winners.

The global fashion brand, BoohooMAN, is expanding into the digital age after the success of its first augmented reality campaign. BoohooMAN has reimagined its apparel in the Metaverse using eight futuristic, three-dimensional NFTs. BoohooMAN will give away one NFT to eight randomly chosen people.

BoohooMAN CEO Samir Kamani stated that NFTs and blockchain technology are at the tip of everyone’s tongues and have been for a while. While we have seen many luxury brands flock to Metaverse, it is yet to see any fashion brand from our market join the space. BoohooMAN sees a future in digital fashion. This is our first foray into the complex and vast Metaverse. This is our first attempt with non-fungible tokens. We have high expectations for future NFT collections and collaborations.

Image: Boohooman

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