As wild as it seems, there was a time where sunscreen wasn’t fun – like at all. Although they weren’t extravagant, formulas were an essential part of a day at the beach. It was a miserable experience. The scents were too strong, the formulas too oily, and overall it was a 0/10 experience.

One brand that’s managed to make SPF the most delightful part of our skin-care routines is Supergoop!. They’ve created everything from invisible sunscreens to moisturizing lotions that can rival your favorite highlighter.

This new SPF friend is packed with SPF40 protection. It hydrates just like your favorite moisturizer, but it’s formulated with chemical sunscreen actives. It also gives your skin a beautiful glow, making it look radiant from the inside. Let’s take the launch for a spin.

Supergoop! was a good choice for me as my skin is sensitive to face oils. Supergoop’s latest drop. It was easy to fall in love with the way my skin responded to it. Daily Dose has not yet caused me to break out after I tried it for two weeks. It made my skin feel soften and softer as I used it every day. Supergoop! We exclusively hear from Holly Thaggard, founder and CEO. This product combines the power and ceramides, Squalane, Hyaluronic Acid, and microbiome friendly prebiotics to create an ultra-lightweight moisturizer oil. It is designed to nourish and moisturize the skin while also protecting and rebalancing the skin barrier with broad-spectrum SPF 40 for a radiant complexion.

A sunscreen oil can make you think of glazed bodies that magnify the sun’s rays. Thaggard says that the days of applying sunscreen by slathering oil on your skin are long gone. Instead, an oil format allows for a luxurious delivery UVA and UVB protection. She recommends using Daily Dose in conjunction with SPF products to create a customized ‘SPF’ outfit.

To double my skin tint, I used only a small amount of the product on my entire face. (FYI, the .Skin Cancer Foundation recommends one fluid ounce for your face and body, with at least a “nickel-sized dollop” for the face alone.) “I recommend layering it on top of an everyday moisturizer like Superscreen for ultimate hydration in the winter,” suggests Thaggard. “And if you’re applying makeup next, I recommend adding one of our beauty base layers – Glowscreen is my personal favorite! For extra glow, add Daily Dose to your makeup.”

It’s expensive at $46, but it’s worth it for its long-term benefits to the skin. It will be available online at,, and in Sephora stores starting December 28.

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