You can take care of your clothing while on the road by packing strategically. But, from there, you can get creative.

Even though it has been a while since we last traveled, the holiday season is finally here. Borders permitting, we may be able to travel to the countryside or to the coast to get some much-needed rest.

Two of the most fashionable travellers I know spoke to me about their tips on how to take care of your clothes while on holiday.

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Be neat and stylish when packing

Lucy Folk, designer and creative director of Lucy Folk, says that she packs her luggage neatly. She also keeps things on hangers so they can be put in the hotel cupboard. This makes it easier to remove any wrinkles before you reach for the garment next day.

This tip is even more useful if you are travelling by car. Ashley Helvey, creative director, says that she hangs her clothes in the back seat of her car when she drives to her destination.

“Depending on where I am going and how long it will take, I pack dry cleaning along with their hangers,” she said. They will wrinkle less if they are kept in their bags. She also said that it was nice to keep extra hangers at your place of stay.

Bras, swimwear, and other delicate items should be packed in separate bags. This will prevent hooks and clasps from becoming tangled or snagging and prevents them from getting caught on the bag. To prevent liquids from leaking and damaging clothes, separate bags should be used.

Plan your outfits

Helvey recommends wearing a sweater and a coat depending on where you are going. She packs one pair flats, one pair heels, two blouses and more skirts or pants than she does dresses. She recommends a silk scarf and lipstick to keep her fresh when she travels.

Folk said, “I like packing things that I can wear day to night.” Twin sets are a good option, she says. “You can change your outfit while still having one look.” Towelling and fabrics that can be washed and dried quickly, such as towelling, are ideal for traveling, especially for moms who need to wash their clothes just as often as their children’s clothes.

She also recommends robes that can be worn around the hotel or to the beach. They can also be dressed up at night with festive jewels. Sarongs are also a favorite of hers as they can be worn in a variety of ways and are quick and easy to wash.

Laundry on the move

Folk suggests that you wash your socks and underwear in the bathroom before drying them on towel or rails if you are traveling for a long time. To ensure that her clothes smell fresh, she packs her own laundry detergent.

Helvey washes her clothes in the tub and also travels with her own detergent. She recommends flaked olive oils soap as it is “easy to travel with because it’s not liquid”. You can make this by grating olive oil soap using a cheese grater, and then putting it into a small cotton bag. You can also add essential oil to keep your suitcase smelling great.

How to get rid of creases

Folk claims that she hangs her crushed clothes in the bathroom and then turns on the hot water to help reduce wrinkles. She says, “It works a treat, but it wastes water.” Helvey uses a slightly different method. Helvey uses a slightly different method: She first wets the garments lightly, then hangs or stretches them flat to dry.

Helvey always carries a steamer in case a garment is damaged or worn out. Helvey recommends the Jiffy eSteam and says that she always carries a steamer along with some lavender oil or rosewater to use in the steamer chamber.

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