Adore Me is an American online lingerie company that pioneered sizing inclusion. It has now become a technology-first platform as well as a category leader.

Adore Me, an online lingerie startup founded in 2011, sells direct to consumers and serves women of all sizes and budgets. With its pioneering service for try-at-home commerce, the company hopes to revolutionize how people shop. It offers lingerie and activewear as well as compression intimates. Adore Me Tech will be a technology brand that builds on the Adore Me Operating Platform. It will also have a number of innovative sister brands.

The company developed its own proprietary software and technology to help expand into new markets, new products and new business models. The company’s 100-strong technology teams are located in New York City and Bucharest, Romania.

These proprietary tools include a scaled-up procurement inventory system, product ordering tool with advanced shipping notifications, an algorithm based try-at home subscription box, Adore Me Designers’ advanced product creation tool, and a self-serve platform which serves as a homebase to influencer campaigns.

Romain Liot (Co-Founder andamp; Chief Operating Officer of Adore Me) says, “We believe that the world around us will continue to change,” Adore Me’s Chief Operating Officer. Adore me Operating Platform is a significant step towards establishing the right framework to drive business growth.

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