Crocs Footwear and ThredUp, an online resale platform, have announced their Cleanout program.

ThredUp’s platform for resale as-a-service allows the program to give second lives to preloved items. The program is part of Crocs’ goal to be a net zero company by 2030. Customers can use the program to create a prepaid shipping address and donate clothing, shoes, and accessories from any brand.

Customers are encouraged to donate Crocs footwear, but it is not mandatory. Crocs will provide shopping credit to those who donate items that have passed a strict quality inspection. You can use the credit to buy any item in-store or online at Crocs.

person wearing black converse all star high top sneakers

Michelle Poole, brand president of Crocs, stated that Crocs shoes are extremely durable and can be reused for another life. ThredUp and Crocs are committed to keeping products in use, and out of landfills. We’re delighted to partner with ThredUp and reduce our environmental footprint. This will help us move closer to our net zero goal.

The brand’s sustainability strategy aims to address its entire value chain including investments in sustainable materials. Crocs donates its unsold Crocs to people in need to keep their products out of landfills.

Crocs joins other companies who use ThredUp’s resale platform. Adidas, Gap, and Madewell are just a few of the other companies that ThredUp is available to.

“By allowing Crocs customers give preloved articles a second life through ThredUp’s resale–as–a-service, We’re promoting reuse” said Pooja, senior vice president of ThredUp and general manager for resale–as–a-service.

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