The other day, hairstylist Tommy Buckett sold me on the merits of a winter haircut. I wasn’t going to cut my hair too short or change the color. But, Buckett told me that a fresh cut would make my hair look better.

He’s biased as a hairdresser. But, as my hair was a little lighter and almost bouncing around my shoulders when I stood up from the swivel seat, I felt better. I also felt more put together than I did 45 mins prior, when I had walked in with a claw-clip bun. What’s not to love about a great haircut? Your hair will look its best and be ready for the holidays.

To inspire you to book a salon appointment, browse our seasonal style guide.

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Shag Cut

The shag, also known as the modernized wolf cut slash mullet, has been trendy since Fashion Week. Celebrity stylist Jenny Cho shows us a new version of the shag: a shoulder-length cut with layers that frame the face and a long bang that skims the eyelashes.

Modern Bob

You may have tried a curtain bang, or maybe you let it grow out last year. Then consider the “modern bob”, which Yuki, owner and stylist at Gavert Atelier Salon calls a “modern bob”. It combines a soft fringe with a more pronounced cut.

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One of the newest hairstyle trends out of London is what a freelance writer Claire Hubble introduces as “the bixie.” Fer Porro, a stylist from George Northwood salon, London, tells Hubble that the style is a mix of a bob, and a short pixie. The visual is similar to Torin Ashtun’s hairstyle: shorter on the top and slightly longer at the back.

Heavy Layers

Layers can be a great way to experiment with your hairstyle if you have long hair. Summer McKeen, an influencer, shows off her darker hair in a heavily-layered style. This gives the hair more movement and body.

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