It can be counterintuitive to combine the idea of fashion trends with something so long-lasting like an engagement ring. The former is often equated with inexorable, while the latter is thought to be fleeting. But in reality, everyone’s personal taste varies and what’s classic to one individual is out-of-date for another, which is why brushing up on the most anticipated engagement ring trends of 2022 feels like a worthy undertaking if you’re currently shopping around.

Shelley Brown, The Knot’s Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor, says, “There’s always an reaction to every action.”

Brown says that personalization will be a major factor in choosing a ring. She says that couples want pieces that reflect their love and personal tastes. “Shape, setting, and color are still the most important aspects of a ring, but [carat] weight has actually become less significant.” Brown said that while diamonds are still the most sought-after stone and round the most desirable cut, there are other design elements that are more surprising that will attract attention this year, such as yellow gold settings and oval cuts and lab-grown stones.

As for how to go about landing on a final decision? Catbird Chief Creative Officer, Leigh Plessner, says it’s all about the research. She suggests that you take screenshots of the things that catch your attention and place them in a folder. It’s helpful to have a list of things that you enjoy to help identify patterns and connections.

Here are seven trends in engagement rings that experts predict will be popular in 2022.

person wearing silver diamond ring

Oval-Cut Engagement rings

Oval-cut diamonds have shown little decline in popularity last year, and they are expected to keep growing in popularity well into 2022. Brown states that there was a rise of oval cuts from 2 percent in 2015 to 19% in 2021. However, Olivia Landau, founder and CEO of Clear Cut, agrees with this sentiment. “People still love ovals. I love ovals too! But I think they will be set differently,” she said, referring specifically to east-west and non-solitaire settings.

Bezel Set Engagement Rings

Landau sees bezel setting as a notable trend in engagement rings this year. This setting is also known as “rubover” and features a metal encasing that slightly overlaps the edge the stone, rather than the more common prong setting. This technique dates back centuries, but it works well in modern settings due to its simple, yet chunky design. It’s also a great choice for people who work with their hands or are more rough with jewelry. The gemstone is held in place better.

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

The most talked about rings in 2021 were those of Paris Hilton and her three-stone, emerald cut diamond. This cultural moment is sure to have an impact on a few brides when they choose their style for the year. Landau states that her ring was beautiful and timeless. “I see three-stone rings being a top trend in engagement rings in 2022. They are unique and great conversation starters.”

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

You’re in the forefront of the trend if a colorless centre stone is not something that appeals to you, but you still love the idea of a diamond moment. Landau shared that fancy yellow diamonds were not popular for a decade but are now more in demand. They are ideal for anyone looking for something unique and good value.

Toi Et Moi Engagement Rings

Toi et Moi is a popular choice for engagement rings. It stands for “you and I” in French. This style features two complementary gemstones and often a coil silhouette. It dates back to Napoleon and Josephine’s 1796 marriage. Landau predicts that the symbolism of two stones coming together as one is a good choice for sentimental couples.

Ethical engagement rings

Many consumers are turning to lab-grown diamonds, also known as synthetic or man-made diamonds, to buy their engagement rings ethically. Brown shared that 34 percent of couples are becoming more eco-conscious, while Gen Z (28%), and Millennials (35%) find it less important that the ring’s center stone is natural. “Dedication to sustainability is definitely on the rise, with nearly four out of four engagement rings featuring a man-made center stone in 2021.”

Plessner also sees “significant” interest recycled diamonds.

Non-Diamond Engagement rings

Some people are looking to forgo diamonds entirely. Brown says that we are seeing more brides choose non-diamond gemstones. Moistanite, a less expensive and more striking gemstone that has a similar look to a diamond, is her top choice. What is the second most popular non-diamond gem? The sapphire.

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