A few words may be used to describe the feel of presson nails: Uncomfortable, too long, impossible to type with.

Los Angeles-based nail experts Olive & June is here to save the day. The brand is now getting into the press-on business – and putting its stamp on the category. Olive & June said, “We kept receiving comments from the community.” We spoke with the brand founder and CEO Sarah Gibson Tuttle about the inspiration behind The Instant Mani’s highly anticipated arrival.

“The latest June press-ons are not your typical press-ons. Olive & June offer a variety of faux nails that can be cut to any length or shape you desire. Olive & June will bring a new era of custom press-ons to suit every mani mood. To start with, you have a whopping 44 styles to choose from. About half are solids press-ons of the brand’s bestselling polish shades, and the other half are salon-inspired nail art designs ranging from Minimalist Dot to Checkerboard French. There are four styles to choose from: oval, squoval and round. You also have four lengths available: extra short, medium and long.”

person with black manicure holding white textile

We haven’t even reached the best part. Since press-ons are notorious for jumping ship, each pack includes 42 nails in a range of sizes so you can find the perfect fit. These nails are made from recycled post-consumer plastic. Gibson Tuttle informs me that because “We are launching with so many nails it is necessary to make the product better for the environment. There will be extras. We can’t put that many nails in each pack and make them virgin plastic.”

Each $10 pack includes 42 nails and all the necessary tools to apply them. Olive & June are available if you’re looking to improve your press-on skills. The brand has your back with The Press-On System. It includes up to four Instant Mani sets and a reusable cuticle pushinger, buffer block, nail file, nail clippers as well as a full-size cuticle serum, nail strengthening, and removal system.

Gibson Tuttle says, “I’m super excited because I knew that the community wanted an instant ‘OMG’ manicure.” “It’ll be thrilling to see people who already love press-ons, because they’ll love them, and also to have people add them to [their] nail routine for the first time.”

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