LilySilk, a leading silk brand, has created a recycling program in partnership with TerraCycle in order to increase its zero waste commitment.

Consumers can recycle non-donatable LilySilk textiles such as bedding and apparel.

David Wang, chief executive of LilySilk, stated in a statement that “At LilySilk we believe zero waste can make an enormous difference, so we lead by example in the hopes of encouraging our customers join us.”

“Participating to the recycling program is a natural way for people say goodbye to LilySilk products when it comes. We are pleased to announce our partnership with TerraCycle in order to take a more proactive approach to environmental sustainability as part of our commitment to making the world greener.”

Image: LilySilk

Consumers can easily recycle LilySilk textiles. They just need to sign up on TerraCycle’s site. After that, wash, package and mail all textiles using a pre-paid shipping label.

Once collected, the LilySilk textiles can be made into shredded fibre that will then be used to fill cushions, pillows, and other linings.

TerraCycle founder and chief executive, Tom Szaky, added: “Partnering with environmentally-conscious businesses like LilySilk aligns well with TerraCycle’s mission to ‘Eliminate the Idea of Waste’ and, in turn, care for the planet,” said

“LilySilk’s recycling program gives consumers a way to dispose of textiles that are no longer usable or can be donated.”

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