Luxury fashion house Prada has launched a campaign and project in celebration of the Lunar New Year, as per the lunar calendar.

The brand’s “Action in the Year of the Tiger” initiative will feature a series of activations that raise awareness for the big cats, one of many species at risk of extinction.

In images created in partnership with Liu Song, the complimentary campaign features actor and singer Li Yifeng as well as actress Chun Xia. Images are not intended to be fiction and focus instead on interactions and gestures with the viewer with the ultimate goal to create a narrative that raises awareness about the need to save the animal.

Prada reached out to international art schools and asked them to create their own interpretations of the tiger as part of its campaign. This free reign gives participants the freedom to express themselves, and draws attention to the cause. A special jury will judge the work and select works will be used to create a 2022 project.

The Prada Group also announced that it would donate to the Walking with Tiger and Leopard program of the China Green Foundation. This programme provides information about biodiversity to the public and aims to raise awareness for tiger conservation through education.

Image: Prada

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