Nivea, a skin care brand, is entering the world non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with Clarissa Baldassarri, an Italian visual artist. This partnership will explore and show the value of touch through digital arts.

This limited-edition crypto art will highlight the value of touch and the new insights it can bring to the world. It will be free and available to anyone who wishes to express their belief that touch should always be possible.

Baldassarri, who experienced temporary visual impairment during her early career as a painter and artist, created the NFT artwork to explore touch and the limits her perception. NFT was created with a special raised line drawing tool. It consists of a rigid board covered with rubber and a thin sheet of plastic. Baldassarri used a metal knife, which is an instrument that was used for the creation of Braille text to draw the raised line.

Image: Nivea; NFT Art Work – Alex Telfer

Tobias Collee (global vice president, Nivea), stated that “Human touch” is a powerful sense. It connects us emotionally and physically to other people and the world around. We want to help people rediscover the world of touch.

Nivea NFTs will also be issued on Polygon, which uses proof-of stake validation and low power consumption.

Nivea hopes that “The Value of Touch” NFT art will draw attention to the power of touch and start a discussion about how touch can be powerful and valuable. Recent research shows that 88% of people rank sight as the most important sense. Hearing is second.

Nivea’s brand purpose, ‘Care for Human Touch To Inspire Togetherness’, launched January 2021. Nivea’s Human Touch Projects initiative supports people at risk of loneliness such as babies born prematurely, visually impaired persons, seniors with dementia and girls living in vulnerable circumstances. Nivea has pledged to invest 20,000,000 euros in human touch projects worldwide by 2025. This will have a positive effect on the health and well-being for more than 150,000 people.

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