Chanel’s No.1 De Chanel beauty line combines skincare, make up, and fragrance to harness the benefits of red camellia.

Chanel describes the “new generation” of beauty products as an anti-aging product line. Formulas are made up of 97 percent naturally derived ingredients, and 76 percent camellia.

The beauty line was also designed by the luxury French label to minimize its environmental impact through its packaging. The range has a simplified design that reduces the weight of bottles and jars. 80 percent of its products are glass. Organic inks require lower heating temperatures and use less energy than other inks.

Chanel also chose refillable cream containers and has reduced the use of plastics. All products are free from cellophane. The paper leaflets were replaced with a QR code printed on the packaging that provides digital product information.

The No.1 De Chanel cream lid is made from 90 percent bio-based materials. This includes camellia seed shells. Most product line lids are made with recycled or bio-sourced material. Ink has been replaced with engraving in production moulds.

Image: Chanel Beauty; No 1 de Chanel

Chanel puts sustainability at the core of its No.1 De Chanel beauty range

Red camellia is the active ingredient in No.1 De Chanel’s clean beauty line. This flower has been described by Chanel as having “revitalizing powers, whose extraordinary energies give it enduring youth.” It was used to create products that include skincare, make-up, and a fragrance mist.

The skincare products address five main concerns women have about maintaining a youthful appearance: lines and wrinkles; pore visibility; loss of elasticity;  discomfort and lack of radiance. The products include face cream, face gel serum, moisturising lotion, under eye cream, powder-to-foam cleaner, and mist serum.

The foundation is enriched with red camel oil and hydrating ingredients and comes in 20 shades. There’s also a multi-use cream lip and cheek balm in six shades. The collection also includes a revitalizing fragrance mist, which was created in collaboration between Chanel Fragrance Laboratory.

The prices for No.1 De Chanel range between 38 Pounds for the lip balm and cheekbalm to 90 Pounds for the perfume mist and revitalising spray.

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