L’Oreal, the beauty giant, has presented tech innovations that will transform hair colour at home and in salons for professionals at the CES consumer technology conference.

L’Oreal Colorsonic is a handheld device designed to improve at-home hair-colouring experiences. It uses an innovative, hassle-free process to mix hair color and evenly apply it to achieve “consistent” results.

L’Oreal explains that 6 percent of the at-home hair color business grew after the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused many hair salons to close temporarily. Many consumers had to deal with difficult-to-reach areas and messy hair dye.

Colorsonic wants to revolutionize the hair-colouring process at home. It uses a custom mixer mechanism to mix hair colours and then applies it using an oscillating nozzle. The nozzle can move 300 times per minute to cover hair in a zigzag style. L’Oreal claims that it has been tested rigorously to avoid leaking, oversaturation, and drips.

L’Oreal says the tech was developed over five years and can now offer consumers 40 ammonia-free color options. They can also be viewed online and shipped to their homes.

Image: L’Oréal

The Colorsonic cartridge system also stores the remaining colour, making it easy to touch up and cover greys. The reusable cartridge system replaces single-use gloves and can be used up 10 times. It also has a recyclable formula cartridge, which uses less plastic per application than the home box hair colour.

L’Oreal will launch Colorsonic in the USA from 2023.

L’Oreal introduces technology that will modernize hair colouring at home as well as at the hairdressers

Guive Balooch is the global head of innovation and research at L’Oreal’s tech incubator. He said: “After many years of research, we are thrilled that we will unveil technologies before this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. These technologies will modernise the experience of millions of people who color their hair at home or in the salon.”

Colorsonic’s success is due to its ability to innovate with consumers and leverage science and technology. L’Oreal Coloright is an AI-connected colour system that L’Oreal has introduced for salon stylists. It uses virtual try-on to project desired colours and an algorithm to create a custom-made hair colour. There are over 1,500 shades available.

Image: L’Oréal

The machine includes a reader that analyzes the client’s hair and measures factors that affect colours effectiveness. This dispenser contains dry beads made of hair dye and cartridges with base creams, developers, and diluters. These components together create a personalized hair colour recipe.

Barbara Lavernos (deputy chief executive officer), who is responsible for research, innovation, and technology at L’Oreal said in a statement that: “Our century-long experience and leadership in hair coloration has allowed our scientists, data scientists, and tech engineers to completely reinvent and reinvent the hair coloring experience for both.”

“At home with Colorsonic, an innovative user-designed reusable device that allows for a vibrant result in hair colouration. For hair stylists with Coloright the most personal and advanced experience in hair salons in order to achieve desired hair colours anywhere in the globe.”

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