Burberry is changing the way it presents pre-collections with the launch of “Friends and Family,” a creative series where chief creative officer Riccardo Tusci teams up with “inspiring creators from unimaginable backgrounds” to create each collection.

Lea T, a model and friend of Tisci who has walked on the spring/summer 2021 catwalk, is the first to collaborate for the pre-autumn/winter 2022 collection.

“I wanted to try something new when bringing my collections to life. So, I decided to give my pre-collection over to a new creative voice every season.” Tisci released a statement describing the inspiration and creativity of someone special. “Creativity is freedom. It’s about empathy and communicating with others. It is your voice, your identity and something you feel you can share with others. I was looking forward to the conversations that would take place when our creative worlds came together, and how they interpret my identity.”

Tisci refers to Lea T “my family, and my love” and says she can “balance fierce femininity with an effortlessly gentle romantic softness.” He also said that he chose her as first collaborator because of her connection with animals and nature.

Burberry’s pre-autumn/winter 2022 collection is about “style and identity”, togetherness, freedom, nature, and the outdoors”, explains Burberry. It also includes themes around adventure and discovery and a modern twist to the Burberry house codes.

Image: Burberry pre-autumn

Burberry’s Riccardo Tisci teams up with Lea T in pre-autumn/winter 2022

This collection explores the outdoors with new oversized silhouettes and reconstructed details for its signature outerwear. It is inspired by a “youthful, fresh interpretation of classic utility styles and exploration styles”. This can be seen on silk twill short sleeves, wool skirts, and T-shirts with the British Isles, mirrored Globe, and Burberry monogrammap prints.

Highlights for women include a bib-style trench in beige and neutral shades, and new interpretations in soft fawn of the car coat with cape details.

You can also find technical hiking jackets made from nylon or rib-knit, as well as a short trench-inspired parka featuring a zipped panel and down-filled styles that are adorned with geometric stitching or diamond-quilted barn coats.

Men will find a camel-trimmed overcoat with an appliqued botanical sketch print. It can be worn with a wool-and-cashmere hooded jacket, wide-leg trousers and a bomber jacket accented in black leather and with a Thomas Burberry monogram.

The exploration styles include a dark olive-colored poncho that is worn over a reconstructed car jacket with drawstring waist. Map prints are featured on cotton sweaters and organza Tshirts. Knitwear has been upgraded with cable-knit sweaters with crystal embellishments and a dark truffle-brown wool sweater with cutout details.

Image: Burberry pre-autumn

This outdoory vibe is also reflected in the shoes, which are chunky rubber-soled hiking style sneakers with net detail.

Lea T commented on Burberry’s collaboration, saying: “I have worked with Riccardo many years ago and it was great to do it this time from a different perspective because this creative series brilliantly spotlights the people who created those clothes. Riccardo shares the interpretations of someone close to him, and does this with great respect for their vision.”

“Burberry today is like a large window. It’s a place you can build great things and be free to do so. The history of Burberry shows interesting connections to urban life but also to the desire to escape to the beautiful woods of England. Respect for nature and one’s self is what I want to explore. It’s essential to be bold in life, as long as you respect your own nature.” Burberry’s Friends and Family creative series is now available for pre-collections

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