Charles & Keith is a footwear and accessories brand. It revealed a capsule collection in limited edition with Shushu/Tong, a Shanghai-based subversive label for spring 2022.

Friends Yutong Jiang and Liushu Lei, both London College of Fashion graduates, launched the independent label Shushu/Tong in 2015. Gen Z has been a fan of the brand’s bold, feminine details. These include playful embellishments and ladylike embellishments.

Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith capsule collection was designed by the design duo. It features a Mary Jane shoe, two bags and a key motif of rose. They explore its fragility and beauty to unify the “inspirations, emotions, and values” of both brands.

The Shushu/Tong brand DNA is embodied in the unique rose imagery. This combines the feminine and modern aspects of the woman with the understated elegance of Charles & Keith design philosophy.

Image: Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith

Shushu/Tong made a statement about the inspiration for the capsule. They said: “The rose is a significant symbol in literature, art, and usually represents love and desire. Roses were traditionally only able to bloom once a year. This meant that they would be destined for a short life span. A delicate, dying rose is a symbol of fleeting beauty. Its soft, delicate branches are surrounded by sharp thorns. This is a metaphor for what it means to sometimes pay for love.”

The collection’s backbone is made up of two opposing colours, red and black. Their contrast – passion and sophistication – exemplify love’s inexorable temptation.

The footwear capsule includes Mary Jane pumps in patent leather. This is a favorite style of Charles & Keith fans will love the unique Shushu/Tong twist. The shoe’s feminine shape has been balanced by a chunky heel and delicate rose embellishment that intertwines on one side. This gives the shoe a retro feel while still maintaining its retro look.

Two handbags are also included in the collaboration. They have a rectangular shape, and an adjustable ribbon-esque strap. It can be worn underarm or top handle.

The black version is made from satin and has a patent rose in the same color. While its crimson counterpart has a delicate vintage-inspired rose design monogrammed on its satin body. The interior of the bag is made from soft leather and has a hidden magnetic closure.

Fredie Stevens, design director at Charles & Keith, added: “Charles &. Keith is thrilled to continue working with independent designers to bring new iterations to our beloved footwear and handbags to both loyal customers and new audiences.”

“It was a pleasure to collaborate with the dynamic Shushu/Tong couple, we’ve closely followed their brand’s development over the years, and are great admirers and followers of their work and design aesthetic – the latter which has been beautifully synched and coordinated with Charles & Keith’s signature shapes were used to create this collection.

The Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith Mary Jane pumps come in red and black, and the bags come in a choice of 145 or 169 pound.

Image: Shushu/Tong x Charles & Keith

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