is the exclusive online store for Tom Brady’s namesake apparel brand. Brady was developed over three years. Brady is co-founded by Jens Grede, Public School designer DaoYi Chow and has combined their experience in sports, design and manufacturing to create the first technical apparel brand. This brand combines two decades of professional sports level innovation with engineering to create performance-ready clothing.

Tom Brady released a statement saying that Brady is finally sharing his story with the world after years of hard work. “Working with a top-notch team has allowed me to apply all I’ve learned throughout the years to create a brand that combines tech, fabric and innovative design.”

Brady uses fabrics and other materials that can move, breathe, or sweat while. The TRAIN + LIVE systems are the first Brady drops. The TRAIN collection, made of high-performance fabrics, includes outerwear, tee tops, tank tops and pants. shorts. This collection features innovative fabric features such as Zero Weight, Breathe Easy mesh and Cool Touch technology. It also has weather resistance and strategically designed breathability, storage and performance enhancement.


LIVE is a collection of functional performance pieces that are designed for everyday wear. It includes 3D knits, microplastics-free, structured stretch, and movement-enhancing designs. Storm Shifter outerwear provides freedom of movement and weather protection, while Durable Comfort utility jackets are a few examples. trousers, Regenerate ponte sweatshirts and hoodies, as well as everyday structured pants &. shorts.

Prices range from 20 to 495 dollars. Brady will be available at starting January 12. Brady will be available on beginning January 12.

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