Ventile, a performance textile manufacturer, has reported record sales in 2021. This was due to increased consumer interest in eco-friendly fashion and textiles.

The year of Ventile was hailed as one with “unprecedented sales.” Total Ventile brand sales from January 2021 to December 2021 increased 75 percent compared to 2020.

Ventile also reports overall growth and that Ventile’s sustainably sourced fabrics, including Ventile Organic, Ventile Recycled and Ventile Organic, saw record demand. Ventile’s eco range sales increased by 230 percent over the previous year.

The eco range now represents 51 percent of the company’s total sales and five of its top-selling line are now from this range. Ventile L24 Organic, one of its core fabrics, is a 100-percent cotton fabric made from organically grown cotton that has been certified by the global organic textile standard (GOTS). Ventile L19 Organic saw its best year since its launch.

pile of multi colored textiles

Ventile says that the desire of consumers to shop sustainably and the interest by brands to make ethically-considered garments have been key factors in Ventile’s growth in 2021. Ventile has also launched five new fabric types in just 12 months.

Ventile Marketing Manager Daniel Odermatt stated in a statement that “Last Year proved to be a pivotal for the success Ventile. We are proud to announce record Ventile sales, as well as record sales of the Eco range.”

“As a brand that is committed to sustainable fashion and a true advocate of slow fashion, we are thrilled to be able see that both consumers and brands around the world are beginning to recognise the importance of this practice within the textile industry.”

Ventile fabric, which was first developed in 1943, was initially commissioned by the RAF for its use in World War 2. The brand now offers a variety of 100% cotton and blended fiber textile fabrics. It is loved by both outdoor enthusiasts as well as advocates for sustainable fashion.

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