New year, new self. You can refresh your look and feel better by changing up your hairstyles. You don’t need to change your hairstyle in a drastic way. It doesn’t even have to look different. However, a new haircut or styling technique can help you feel fresh. Here, we speak to the hairstyling experts on the hair trends that will be everywhere in 2022 – inspiration boards at the ready.

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A starting point for all good hairstyles, Luke Hersheson says that getting a really good haircut – even if it’s just twice a year – is key for creating a modern shape, which can be dressed up or down, depending on your mood. He says that investing in a haircut is more than just styling products. It gives your hair shape, whether you want it to be a bob or a longer one. And allows you the structure and architecture necessary to do many things with your hair. “Intensity was not a concern ten years ago. People were just styling their hair without thinking about the hair underneath.” This approach allows you to embrace any trend, from air drying your layers to embracing your natural curls, and gives your hair its own unique personality.

Meanwhile, hairstylist Larry King agrees, adding that as a result of the pandemic, clients now leave more time between appointments, which means that haircuts need to have a well-crafted structure in order to look better for longer. He says that sharper haircuts are better for longer life. Texture and slicked-up hairstyles tend to have shorter lives. Healthy hair is the order for the year.

The bob is not going anywhere

The bob is undoubtedly the most popular haircut in 2021. Hairstylist George Northwood has long been the man to see for an excellent bob and says that he has never seen so many requests for the classic style. He says that while the Alexa-style bob is still popular, there are many variations available – including changes in volume, length and styling for 2022.

“For those who are ready to make a change, it’s time for something a little less. A soft line should be drawn at the jaw. This gives you a modern, casual edge. Otherwise, I am taking cues from the 1970s and reducing the length to the shoulders. It’s a great way for the bob to look modern.”

Northwood also draws inspiration from Celine’s spring/summer 2022 show. The bobs were cut shorter at the sides and front, which he claims “does wonders to the cheekbones”. This shape is great for thick hair. “I like to style my hair with a curl and leave the edges untouched. It feels modern and in tune with the times.”

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Braids for a box with knots

According to Charlotte Mensah, “Intricate parts and patterns have been a popular part of African culture for centuries.” “Detailed cornrows, in particular, will be very popular in 2019, as well as knotless braids in various sizes and colors – these are all hairstyles you need. They are not only cool but also flattering and versatile.

Glossy blow-dry

We’ve been a fan of hairstyles that are easy to style and look natural for a long time. However, many hairstylists predict a return to the traditional blow-dry and a more refined approach to hair. Hairdresser Syd Hayes says, “Think Adele” in  Vogue. “Full-bodied, shiny, glam hair.” Hersheson adds that the classic ’90s hairstyle feels “Upper East Side” – it feels very polished and luxurious. The rolled brush blow drying, which we used think was a “bit naff”, now feels great. This sleek look has been created for Dua Lipa and other celebrities.

A hair tool is a great way to achieve the desired look at home. Hayes recommends the BaByliss 9000 Cordless Hot Brush to achieve a voluminous, blow-dry look at home. He says that it helps smoothen your hair and adds body and movement to it. Dyson’s AirWrap, which is a great choice, and the Flyaway head that can smoothen frizz can be used if you don’t want to do the full thing. Hersheson says that this look is best for longer hair. However, it can look outdated on shorter hair.

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Even if you aren’t tempted by the shiny blow dry, you can still get in on the luxe trend with a polished look to your hair. Northwood is praising Michelle Pfeiffer’s Scarface hairstyle: “A professional blow dryer is the best way to get this shiny, expensive-looking look.” If you are styling your hair at home, look for products that can achieve that result. His Moisturising Cream is recommended by him to smoothen flyaways and add shine.

Accessories galore

The ‘big bows’ sported into Chanel’s Metiers D’Art 2021 hairstyles and Camille Charriere’s delicately beaded wedding hair – both of these are a sign that things will change in the New Year. Mensah predicts hairclips, clips, bows and barrettes will be in fashion in 2022.

Curl-ready hairstyles

The ’70s were all about hairstyles. This year shags, choppy fringes, and wild curls became more popular. This rock ‘n roll look is not going anywhere. It also fits in with the ongoing movement to embrace our natural texture and bring out the best of our curls. Mensah states that this will begin with a “big cut” to start over if you have been using hair relaxer. Once that is done, it will be about making the most of your natural curls, curls, and kinks. Hayes and Hersheson also agree that layers, air drying and body are important.

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