Weekday, Swedish streetwear and fashion brand, has launched a limited-edition collection featuring Cherrie, one of the country’s most beloved R&B singers.

The Weekday x Cherrie collection includes 13 pieces of outerwear, jewelry, tops, and jeans. A scarf that doubles as a hijab and a top, as well as a denim trench coat that can be turned into an off-shoulder gown, are some highlights. Many jeans styles can be tailored to enhance or create a curvy shape.

Weekday’s designers worked closely with Cherrie and her stylist Jahwanna Berglund to create a 2021 collection that was “fashion-forward with inclusive functionality and comfortable for everyday use”.

Cherrie commented on the collection by saying, “I and all my friends are never able to find jeans that fit. We came close to getting the Weekday Cheap Monday jeans. I tried so many different styles until I finally found the Perfect Curve Jeans.”

“As a Muslim, I am proud of the modest but still striking collection. Weekday was a good source of sustainable thinking and it felt good to have Weekday as a partner.”

Alice Shulman, Weekday’s design lead and Co-Labs, said: “This collection shows that creatives of different genres can come together to create incredible things. We are grateful Cherrie brought perspectives that were not often represented. We shared a lot of our experiences and learned a lot together. The collection has an ethereal aura. It radiates freedom and potential. It is something I look forward too.

Weekday.com offers the complete Weekday x Cherrie collection, as well as selected items in select stores across Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Norway, and Austria.

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