You can learn a few tricks from the experts if you’re considering following the celebrity bob squad and going chin-length.

A few weeks ago, at 11.30pm, I decided to bob my hair. If I hadn’t been able to get the appointment the next morning, I would have tried my hand at it myself. It’s easy to get sucked into a bob when you feel the need. It’s also the current hairstyle – check out the celebrity bob squad Nicola Coughlan and Kaia Gerber.

Two years ago, we were living mostly indoors. We had only occasional access to the professional hairdressing. The novelty of having longer hair soon faded. I felt a lot more relaxed and at ease reducing my hair length. And a bob satisfies the whim for dramatic change without being as scary and bone-structure-dependent as, say, a pixie crop.

George Northwood, the creator of signature bobs that are worn by regulars Alexa Chiung and Sienna Miller, says one shouldn’t bob too fast. He concedes that bobs “suit everyone”, but says the key decision to be made is between a hard bob (Anna Wintour, say, or Venus Williams’ latest look) and a soft one (see actors Camille Cottin and Gemma Chan).

No matter what face shape you have, soft features will look great against sharp cuts. Stronger features and bone structures can be styled with messy, slicked bobs that are easy to style.

Northwood says that bob is the shortest length you can achieve without having to change your styling routine. I agree. I can do all the same things as before, but it takes half the time.

The bob can be as long as it wants, from the ear to the shoulder. But Northwood states that the bob’s ability to grow out and keep a style is what makes it so appealing. It’s easier than ever to keep a hairstyle in place for longer periods of time than we thought.

You can leave your hair alone for eight weeks if you opt for a one-length bob with no fringe.

“It’s painless and you can even regret it in the end – you’ll be right back where you were in three months if it was wrong.”

There is no way of knowing. I have already booked my trim.

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