You can now get a complete range of shades in plastic-saving, snap-in-snap out canisters

After consuming a sample of posh lip balm in just three weeks, it was gone. The plastic container is now recyclable. I am wondering how long brands will continue to sell non-reusable lipsticks and how consumers can justify buying single-use, cheaper products over the more expensive refillables.

We are truly spoiled for choices. Rihanna’s commitment to refillable beauty (much of her Fenty skin line already uses a snap-in refill pod system) has now extended to lip color, with the launch of Icon, 10 new, creamy, semi-matte lipstick bullets that click in and out of a metallic hexagonal case (they’re PS28 for a complete lipstick, PS18 a refill thereafter).

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The formula is rich in pigment, moisturizing, and packed with bold colors (even the neutrals). Pose Queen is an expensive, rich-looking caramel. Scholar Sista makes rose less obvious and lasts a long time. Once one is taken to the nub the small plastic cartridge can be recycled and the new stick is put in.

There’s nothing particularly revolutionary about refillable lipsticks, of course (props to Guerlain, which was doggedly selling its heirloom-worthy Rouge G bullets and luxury cases years before forever lipsticks were cool). Brands may not yet be able to take advantage of the widespread adoption of refillables, such as Rihanna’s.

Before Rihanna, there was Hourglass, whose all-vegan refillable Confession lipsticks were still some of the most popular. These are the best option if you want to have a variety of shades available at all times. The individually wrapped refills (PS22), snap in and out so fast and neatly that they can be interchangeable. The whole set will last you a lifetime (PS35).

Christian Dior’s first lipstick was refillable. However, disposables have been around for decades, and Dior has only recently returned to the long-term.

The Rouge Dior’s everlasting tube comes in 75 colors and four finishes. You can also have your initials engraved on the tube. There’s sure to be a shade that suits you, but I recommend the reds. They include Dior’s famous “999”, a pillar-box color in matte, satin, or velvet finishes, as well as the more obscure (but still my favorite, since it’s orangey) Strong Red. These colors look great with simple spring makeup. You pay PS32 for the entire kit, and then you can refill your bullet with PS25.50.

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