Chanel, the French luxury brand, has decided to stop selling handbags and other collections to Russians. It will only sell to Russian citizens living abroad.

Some global Chanel boutiques are refusing to sell to Russians taking goods home, besides increasing pressure from luxury brands to support Russian sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine.

Chanel has banned the sale of Russian Federation clients to the UAE. This is a country where many Russians own second homes.

black and white peep toe heeled sandals

Chanel is only available to Russians living abroad

Daily Mail reports that Chanel will ban the sale of luxury goods to any Russian legal, natural or political entity or person in Russia. Only Russians who are permanently residing abroad would be able to shop at Chanel.

Stories of Russians being refused Chanel sales have been flooding social media. We understand that some customers may be inconvenienced by these measures. They are intended to comply with the law. Chanel stated that they are working on improving the process and apologize for any misunderstandings or inconveniences.

In an Instagram post, Anna Kalashnikova, a Russian celebrity singer, stated that she was not allowed buy a bag or earrings from a Chanel boutique located in Dubai. She also complained about Russiaphobia and mentioned Coco Chanel was associated with the Nazis during the second world war.

Maria Zakharova, the Moscow foreign ministry spokesperson, accused Chanel of “cancelling Russia” in an Instagram posting. She was referring to Abwehr documents that Coco Chanel was an informant for the Third Reich and lived in a luxurious suite at the Ritz during World War II.

Chanel Russian customers are asked to produce documents to prove that they will not use the products purchased in Russia. This may prove to be a moral or even discriminatory dilemma for some brands, but it also shows that luxury houses take export sanctions seriously.

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